So i told you about the cutout in my case (first picture is on the fanbus page)

Well .... it ttttttaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
like forever to do it so think about just cutting a window
and do the design on the plexiglass

but having started i wanted to finish it ...
i think i drilled like a zillion holes to ease the grinding later

DONE ! .... FFS ...  :-D ... finaly ...
sanding time and then painting ...
uhmmm i think i'll try to make less of a mess on myself this time ;)

so the side panel (both sides and the top as well) got painted blue metallic
and the plastic front panel is black (looks gray on the picture but
thats the flash reflecting in the clear coating)

so here we have my 2 new papst fans on the back

and the side panel with the cutout (looks funky and

and here we have the front with everything put in place
so lets power up the sucker and get so disco lighting
uhhh....disco is dead (or is it)
anyway ....lights please :)

and there was light...w00t...
as you can see i have changed the power and ide led to a red and blue
just to make it match the rest
and the red light on the buttom is my front intake fan with backlighting :oD

and the cutout with the neon light on

but sadly the pictures look a bit crappy
but in RL it looks so coolius :)

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